Small chops tray

Small chops tray

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This platter is a fantastic selection of delicious home baked, handmade pastries.

A tray contains approximately 15x pieces of small party size pies or 25 canapes. 4x Scotcheggs and 30 puffpuffs.

HALAL option uses Halal beef for sausages and Halal Beef or chicken for Scotcheggs depending on availability.


PORK option uses Pork meat for sausages and Scotcheggs 

Made from the finest ingredients, carefully selected, prepared and packaged. 

In the mixed pastries you get meatpies, chicken pies and sausage rolls. Or you can have just single option.


If you would like to remove any selection please let us know.

Pastry contains Wheat flour, butter, eggs and pinch of salt.

Depend on what your order filling contains : beef meat/chicken/pork. Potatoes, carrots, ginger, thyme, curry, nutmeg, pepper, garlic, onions, pepper, etc .

All our food contains allergens. If you have any allergies or questions contact us before purchase.