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Moinmoin in leaf

Moinmoin in leaf

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Moin-moin in leaf

Moin-Moin (also called Moi moi) cooked in banana leaf.... also called beans cake. 

Made from peeled black-eyed beans, blended smooth with red pepper, mixed with various seasonings and spices contains crayfish. Optional, Throw in an egg and some fish and or corn beef. The richer the better


Refrigerate upon receipt.
Ensure that food is piping hot before servicing.

All our products may contain traces of various allergens, if you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us before making a purchase.

Please ensure food is piping hot before eating. Pre-Heat in the microwave or in a pot on a hob. 

Keep refrigerated for up to 3days or on the freezer for 2 weeks 

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