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Homemade Nigerian Chin-chin Snack - Large 2.5kg Jar

Homemade Nigerian Chin-chin Snack - Large 2.5kg Jar

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Chin-chin is an everyday snack in Nigeria and other West African countries.The main ingredients are flour, sugar (unrefined natural sugar) spread and nutmeg. Ours is vegan-friendly without the milk and egg.

The Large 2.5kg jar of chin-chin is ultimate party starter snack for all occasions from christening parties to birthdays, naming ceremonys, baby showers, you name it - it's suitable for all occasions and day to day snacking too!

For an added twist you can include other spices or flavours to give it a different taste. Want to see something specific? Drop us an email and we'll certainly try it out. 

We also have the 500g bag of Chin-chin available in store.

Orders can take 1-3 working days to process depending on work load, so please contact us if our order is urgent.

If any questions or allergies please contact us before purchasing. 


Many thanks 


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