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Egusi Soup - small bowl (500ml) Serves 1 person

Egusi Soup - small bowl (500ml) Serves 1 person

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Small bowl 500ml

Egusi Soup is our signature dish and a very popular dish in Nigeria

This 500ml bowls feeds one person and is available pre-packed.
We are not able to customise this option as this is made in small batches.

A deliciously tasty soup Made with vegetables like spinach cooked in a pepper sauce. With spices, seasoning and herbs. Served with assorted meat (beef, cow foot , abodi and tripe), or with Fish.

Best eaten with pounded yam, Eba or amala. Can also be eaten rice.

Contains : Melon Seed, Spinach, red peppers, onions, scotch bonnets, crayfish, Iru (locust bean) seasoning, salt, meat stock, catfish fillet, beef, shaki, abodi, boneless cow foot.

All our products may contain traces of various allergens, if you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us before making a purchase.

Please ensure food is piping hot before eating. Pre-Heat in the microwave or in a pot on a hob. 

Keep refrigerated for up to 3days or on the freezer for 2 weeks 

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