About ChicSnacks



Hi, my name is Hannah Jolaoso, founder of Chićsnacks, a food business based in the United Kingdom and this is the story of how it all began.

I’ve been dying (literally) to find something innovative and creative to do (with food or anything else for that matter) and out popped the chin-chin idea. Anybody can make chin-chin, Its something I’ve known growing up. But I wanted to do something a little different with it, bring out the versatility in the product, make it a little more ‘Chić’, give it some style and present it in an attractive way, while still being tasty of course and that's how the name ‘Chić-chin’ came about.

As we continued to diversify and introduce new products to the range I thought it would be a shame to lose the word chic, and that's how our official name 'ChicSnacks' came about and we officially started our journey. In 2020 we added ‘Chic Cook’ to our offering, this includes a small variety of traditional Nigerian dishes.

We are still a work in progress and we love feedback and ideas so we can grow and expand the business but we can’t do this on our own. Thanks for all your support in this journey thus far.


Vision Statement:

To be an outstanding gourmet business providing first-class, home-made Nigerian food reaching as many corners of the UK as possible and beyond.


Mission Statement:

A gourmet company that satisfies your taste buds with good quality, home-made, sumptuous, rich and delicious Nigerian snack and food.



Honesty, Reliability, Trustworthiness and Excellence