Why we call it Chic-Chin?

Why we call it Chic-Chin?

We wanted to do something different with the good-plain-old chin-chin (lets be honest anyone can make chin-chin) but we wanted to bring out the versatility in it, use different ingredients, try new flavours and most importantly present it in a unique way....to represent something stylish and elegant, attractive and tasteful. 

So the name Chic-Chin....it rhymed with Chin-chin :)

Six months after we started Chic-chin, Chicsnacks Ltd was born because had a variety of other snack options we wanted to had to the mix such as pastries, chin-chin ice-cream and cookies because we just love to be creative. 

Why not tickle your taste buds and give it a try by visiting our shop I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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