What I’ve learnt about running a business

What I’ve learnt about running a business


When i started Chicsnacks (over 18months ago) i decided intentionally not to focus on selling to family and friends....for a number of reasons, they were definitely worn out with all of my other ventures which i had packed up over the past few years, why bother/burden them with another one? So I took the plunge to market my products to people i didn't know, the platform i chose to start with was Instagram.

One very important thing I've learnt along the way is, "People buy from people they either know, like or trust". 

In 18months I've been working to build up the trust, trying to get people to know who I am and what I and my business stand for. It doesn't happen overnight, everything takes time.

It's still a work in progress. Not everyone will like you, not everyone will buy into it. And you cant sell to everyone!

With the 3 P's - Patience, Persistence and Perseverance the right customers will come, people will slowly be convinced. Some people have followed my page for over a year before they decided to try my product. Some wont buy but will recommend to others.

Like a runner on a race track, stay focused, stay in your lane! and keep it moving.

And lastly, enjoy the process.


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