What is chin-chin?

What is chin-chin?


Welcome to the Chic Snack blog! One of the first things people always ask about when they meet us is what exactly is chin-chin? So what better way to start our business blog by talking about one of our favourite treats!

Chin-chin is a popular everyday snack which is common in Nigeria and other West African countries.

Other countries around the world have their own name for this fried snack, for example in the Nordic countries like Sweden it’s known as Klenäter

Klenät, klena, klejne, kleina, kleyna, and fattigmann are all names for this fried pastry common in the Nordic countries. It is also know in Lithuania as Žagarėliai. .

Source - Wikipedia.

We’ve named ours Chić Chin for a number of reason.

The main ingredients are flour, sugar and butter, milk and eggs (these two are optional) and there’s nutmeg to give it some much loved flavour and smell - it’s not chin-chin without nutmeg!

This is all mixed together into a soft flexible dough - similar to a cookie dough. It is rolled out and cut into small pieces or shapes, which is then deep fried - Yes! Deep fried like donuts. Honestly, it’s not chinchin if it’s not fried.

For a added twist include other spices or flavours to give it a different taste such as vanilla, coconut, cinnamon, etc.

We grew up always looking forward to when mum when go into the kitchen and make this for the whole family. Of course we chipped in kneading and cutting while mum did the frying until we got older. The smell always brought everyone out of their rooms to eat the first batch while it was still fresh and warm from the fry pan. Great memories I tell you...

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