The secret behind our products.

The secret behind our products.

We source the best ingredients in making all our products because we believe in quality and we demand high standards all around when it comes to food production.....we’re fussy like that 😊

We love the fact that all our products are made fresh, just like you would at home. They contain absolutely no preservatives, no additives and definitely no nasties! 

Our chinchin is made with unrefined natural sugar, dairy free spread and we don’t use eggs. We’ve kept it simple yet tasty, rich and full of flavour. We also use natural flavour such as cinnamon sticks, desiccated coconuts, cocoa powder, chilli powder, etc to enhance the different natural flavours, we say no artificial flavours.

Our pastries, scotch eggs and puffpuffs are made fresh and to order, never frozen, no preservatives. 

We use halal products for our beef and chicken pies. Where selected, the sausage rolls are also halal beef and chicken sausages, this is also used for our scotch eggs.

Pork option is also available.

We freshly grind ginger and garlic to make our pies as well as thyme, peppers and other spices to enhance the flavours, not to mention the health benefits to you.

We put our heart 💖 and soul 💕 into making sure our products are produced to a high standard and gets to you in good condition because we believe health is wealth!

Be sure to try some of our products, and tell a friend too 😉

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