Google Review!

Google Review!

Back in October 2023 (during black history month) we catered for a few corporate offices  in far away London, Manchester, Edinburgh, etc. This amazing google review was from one of them - Kantar group media Department.


Here’s part of story that goes on behind the scenes.


The order to feed approx 50 people - Jollof Rice (Vegan option by request) Eforiro (Also Vegan -  no meat no fish no crayfish) , Chinchin large Jar 2.5kg, and large tray of mixed pastries.

All food had to be appropriately labels with food allergy warning, plus extra information on storage serving and heating instructions.

Food was sent via overnight courier guarantee next day delivery - arrive before 12noon (just imagine the food not turning up and 50+ people waiting! 😮

For corporate delivery our standard message to APC overnight delivery company: “We can not afford for this consignment to be delayed or miss its connection, it has to arrive on time!”

😣 We literally hold our breath (and pray) until it arrives at the destination! Thankfully 😅 rhe courier company haven’t failed us yet on any of our corporate delivery. A big Shoutout to APC 👏🏾

Thanks for the amazing feedback Roy - Another customer we never met or even spoke with on the phone (just chat 💬) yet they trusted us 🙏🏾❤️ we’re ever so grateful.

We put our heart 💜 into our work.


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