Free Delivery or Money off Vouchers

Free Delivery or Money off Vouchers

I love systems and processes, but most especially i love it when they work. Which is one of the reasons i sent up an online shop. Its suppose to be less stressful and to make things easier for business and customers. 

But mehnn...getting my 'people' to shop online is a struggle! Some people are absolutely fine with it, while not so for others. 

I understand people like human interaction, but I also think there are two reasons involved: too busy/laziness and trust issues. 

They would rather you draw up an invoice after discussing their needs, then send it to them, and then they make payment, even if they could have got it cheaper online and have discount codes available.

They also don't trust the system with their card payment, even when there are safe options like Paypal.

So to encourage online purchase we are offering free delivery and money off all this week only available online - directing customers to place their orders on the website.

Go place your order, use the voucher codes...and tell a friend to tell a friend x


Valid 16th Sept to 23rd Sept 

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