Chicsnacks Puff-Puff Drizzle

Chicsnacks Puff-Puff Drizzle

Puff-Puff Drizzle

Where there is a large gathering of Nigerians, you will surely find the traditional African Puff-Puff snack and most likely, Super-malt too. What is Puff-Puff you ask?…

Puff-Puff is a West African traditional snack (also called Bofrot) made with flour, yeast, water, nutmeg, salt and fried in oil. Hand moulded into small round dough balls. It is usually served as an appetiser or desert… but be warned, overindulging may leave you wanting more. Who says you have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy some Puff-Puff, everyday is a day to be celebrated and if you want to enjoy some Puff-puff then who’s going to stop you. Chicsnacks has introduced a variety of Puff-Puff with a drizzle for those of you who want to Jaiye (live your best life).

Inspired by the sweet lovers and fizzy drinkers, we have added a drizzle topping option. Now serving Puff-Puff topped with a sweet sauce of: Salted Caramel, Hazelnut and Chocolate and White Chocolate. Yes Chicsnacks has done it again!

Are you self-isolating? Are you an introvert? Are you staying home this weekend? Or do you just like food? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then do yourself a favour and please order yourself some Puff-Puff drizzle (the white chocolate is a must try) from

Add some drizzle to your life.

Olamide Alaran
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