ChicCook Friday Night Takeout

ChicCook Friday Night Takeout

Wow, it’s been a few months! And what a few months it has been!. Where do i start? 

If you've been going through the products on the  website and you find some not-so-snack-looking food, i can explain.

Back in early January 2020, I had an idea to expand the Chic Brand. In the locality (Milton Keynes) something was missing, there was (is) no Nigerian restaurant or takeaway were people can order some Jollof Rice, Egusi Soup and all the other traditional delicacies for the large and growing population of Nigerians and other African countries. 

Well, seeing we already had a market for the Nigerian Snacks, I thought it would be a great idea to include Nigerian Food into the menu, but just once a month (that was the inital plan) as a Friday Night Takeout - last Friday of the every month, so we launched ChicCook.

The 1st event was a blast, it took place on the 31st of January, we partnered with 2 other local Nigerian catering business here in Milton Keynes. We had great reviews and lots of positive feedback. Its obvious the need is there and this is a large gap in the Market.

Moving on to our 2nd event - 28th February. We wanted to take on a venue so people could not only order take out but also seat down with friends and family to have a meal. Unfortunately the venue we wanted to use had closed shop and everywhere else was just not suitable or ideal. So we carried on as usual and just had the take out - collection and delivery service. Again great reviews, repeat customers and new ones too, the word was spreading fast and people were looking forward to the last Friday of the month to have something different from the usual Pizza, Chinese and chicken and chips.

At this rate, we're fast our growing our home kitchen and actively looking of commercial premises and for food production. Not only for the food, but also for Chinchin and pastries production.

We have had a 3rd event - 27th March, but due to the lockdown and the pandemic - COVID-19, with restricted staff avaliability and social distancing measures in place, it was a smaller version of the usual Friday Night take out. None the less, we had new customers and some of our regular customers and it was just right amount I could cope with. 

Ever since people have been requesting for food out side of the last Friday of the month we decided to make the food option a permanent fixture on the website, rather than running a separate website. We may in the future run a separate one but for now its just less hassle. Everything is one place and people can get it all in one basket - snacks and proper food.

Our next Friday night takeout is currently scheduled for Friday 1st of May (rather than 24th of April) for various reasons - I’ll keep you posted. 

Otherwise Follow our ChicCook Instagram page for more update.


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