Nigerian food Mixed taster pack with scotch eggs and meatpies fishpies
Mixed Pastries pack with Scotch eggs sausage rolls
Fishpie Chickenpies meatpies halal food
Tester Mix Pack Snacks Nigerian Pastries
Tester Mix Pack Snacks Nigerian Pastries
halal scotch eggs chicken sausage rolls

Tester Mix Pack Snacks Nigerian Pastries

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In this tester mixed pack is a combination of  homemade Pastries- pies, sausage rolls and scotch eggs. 

This pack was put together especially for those who would like to try the various snack options in small quantity.

Always made fresh and made to order, with the fines ingredients. No additives or preservatives.

As seen in the picture it includes:

1x Meatpies 1x Chickenpies 1x fishpie 2x sausage rolls and 2x scotcheggs 

The halal scotch eggs is made with halal chicken sausage  (see pictures)

We are happy to substitute one item for another from the the options above. Please send us a note with your order.


All Orders are made fresh and can take 1-3 working days to process depending on work schedule.

If any questions, require your order urgently or have any allergies please contact us before purchasing. 


Many thanks